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Welding Positioner & Turn Table

We offer welding positioners are designed to position the job in the optimal welding position. NME supply variable model of positioner and turn table including variable speed control, forward/off/reverse switch control, plug for optional foot switch, a robust AC/DC gear head motor, and fuse for motor overload.

Plasma Transferred Automated Welding Systems(PTA)

We offer Plasma Transferred Arc Welding Automated systems with high productivity, high quality of powder deposits with minimum powder loss. Our technology ensures significant lower cost for hard facing, surfacing and cladding even in the most challenging area.

Column & Boom Welding Manipulators

It is ideal and easy to use for both MIG/MAG and submerged Arc welding (SAW Process),with very precise horizontal and vertical guides, positioning is always very precise without any vibration and with ability of 360 degree of the column, the welding of different positioned pieces can be easily done.

CNC Cutting Machine Plasma And Oxyfuel

Plasma and oxyfuel CNC cutting machine with superior cut quality, high productivity, maintain high precision dimensions and plate optimization. We supplies Plasma cutting which is used to cut stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminium of different thickness using a automatic height controlled plasma torch and also supplies Oxyfuel cutting which is used to mild steel of different thickness using a automatic height controlled Oxyfuel torch.


We offer to designed and developed its wide range of Automated Conveyor based Solutions to address each and every conveying need inside a warehouse ranging from: moving, scanning, weighing, dimensioning, diverting, routing, merging, incline, declines, bends, accumulating, printing, labelling of goods for multiple intra facility operations.

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Pressing Machine

We offers efficient, low cost and quality hydraulic & Pneumatic pressing machine design-and-build solutions provider for a wide range of industry applications.


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