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Column & Boom Welding Manipulators

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We offer Column and Boom systems process linear and circular welding processes which are hard to be done by an operator in heavy conditions. It is ideal and easy to use for both MIG/MAG and submerged Arc welding (SAW Process),with very precise horizontal and vertical guides, positioning is always very precise without any vibration and with ability of 360 degree of the column, the welding of different positioned pieces can be easily done. The movement of axes are limited by limit switches. The boom movement is balanced with counter weight. Vertical movement is realised by high security factor chain and gears.

High quality welding seems is achieved on the production areas such as pressure tanks, Shell, pipes and wind turbines.

 MODEL  NME-1.5  NME-2  NME-3  NME-5
 Vertical Stroke(mm)  1500  2000  3000  5000
 Horizontal Stroke(mm)  1500  2000  3000  5000
 Boom Speed(M/min)  0.12-1.2  0.12-1.2  0.12-1.2  0.12-1.2
 Lifting Speed(M/min)  1.0  1.0  1.0  1.0
 Trolley Speed(M/min)  1.0  1.0  1.0  1.0