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We offer to designed and developed its wide range of Automated Conveyor based Solutions to address each and every conveying need inside a warehouse ranging from: moving, scanning, weighing, dimensioning, diverting, routing, merging, incline, declines, bends, accumulating, printing, labelling of goods for multiple intra facility operations.

With ability to deliver simple gravity roller unpowered conveyors to complex network of kilometres of conveyors that are dynamically controlled by fully integrated Software Systems, NME guarantees a single window offering for all your conveying needs.

NME also offers conveyors based on Steel or Aluminium Construction to meet any specific technical or aesthetic requirement

  • Load capacity: - 10kg to 2000kg (ranges available).
  • Travel speed: - 100mm/min to 3000/min.
  • Power supply: - 3 ph, 415V & 50Hz.
  • Rollers type, Belt type, Overhead & Bucket type conveyors are available.
  • Speed controlled by Variable frequency drive.
  • Drive with gear box driving chain & sprocket and Timing belt.
  • Conveyor frames are fabricated and machined with highly structural rigidity.
  • Overload trip safety feature available in drive motor.