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Tig Welding Automation Systems

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Saw Welding Automation Systems

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Mig Welding Automation Systems

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We offers state-of-the-art solutions for welding automation with MIG (GMAW) systems, TIG (GTAW) Systems and submerged arc welding (SAW) Systems. Our light weight carriages & slides deliver precise, high-quality results reducing costs associated with defects and rework, filler metal waste and manual labour. Our welding automation solutions are helping steel fabricators, large and small, improve quality and efficiency making them more competitive in their markets.

Automated seam/circumferential welding systems that offer flexible solutions, maximizing productivity for high-integrity welds.

 MODEL  NME-5T  NME-10T  NME-30T  NME-60T  NME-100T
 Max Load  5 ton  10 ton  30 ton  60 ton  100 ton
 Shell Dia in mm  250-2500  300-3000  500-5000  500-5000  800-6000
 Roller Surface Speed(mm/min)  100-1000  100-1000  100-1000  100-1000  100-1000
 Roller Dia *  250*100  300*150  350*170  450*400  500*500